Update on Little Projects

I suppose, since I’ve taken a long break in between posts, I should give a fair amount of updates.


Today is Chap Goh Mei, meaning it’s the 15th and final day of Chinese New Year. It’s hard to imagine that just over two weeks ago, the Malaysian Society and the South East Asian Society did a massive collaboration. It was a great success. We gave over 80 people a great reunion dinner and as usual ended up not being able to eat as much. It is only today that we’re properly having a meal to reward ourselves.

Things involving the student newspaper has also been very well; production weekends are much more relaxing now that everyone knows what they are doing. Which has given me more time to write for it again – always a good sign. Recently reviewed a play called Reefer Madness for it.

The dissertation is on schedule, mostly meaning that I have not hit on the ‘Panic’ button just yet. I’ve written a chapter and am working on another for the following week. It’s nice being able to read up on things of personal interest. I absolutely adore Gothic writing and looking at symbols or motifs, among others, so it’s been fun. Just noticed that my coursework lately have been quite oral-centric – related to eating, consumption and cannibalism. It sounds worrying but it’s not as bad as it seems.

I also baked 45 cupcakes in less than 3 hours. It’s an achievement that I’ve eventually decided should go into my CV. Just because. And already I have a higher goal in mind. It’s crazy, but no one would think that when I feed them cake.
That’s it for now, all my little projects displayed as though they are as precious as babies. Which to be fair, of course, that’s what they are.

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