The Time I Got Concussed

If you’ve heard from me lately you’d probably know that I got into a little mishap on Sunday.

That morning I ran after the bus, tripped and fell. It must have seemed like a classic comedy sitcom fall at first, but it wasn’t pleasant. My entire body hurt and I was overwhelmed by an irrepressible feeling of nausea. The left side of my jaw burned where it had slammed against the pavement. I watched the bus drive away as I was sprawled on the ground.

It took me a while before I could lift myself up and gather all the things that had tumbled out of my bag. As I inched towards the bus stop to take a seat, the world before me wobbled. Dark clouds dotted with shimmering stars rolled in from the peripherals of my vision. At one point I thought it was going to consume me, swallow me whole. How I managed to call a cab right after it happened still amazes me.

The operator told me to wait at a certain spot so I forced myself onward. Tried to put my things back into my bag and didn’t realise that they had simply fallen to the ground again. I walked on, dazed, dizzy, still seeing clouds and stars bleed in and out of existence. Trying to consume me, swallow me whole. Tried to fight it. Then the clouds rolled in from both sides.

Next thing I knew, a man was helping me up and getting me to take deep breaths. Even picked my camera, bus pass and keys up for me, placed them in my bag and waited until the cab came. The rolling clouds disappeared but I was still pretty out of it. Had an awkward moment when I apparently just got into a bus without showing my bus pass. I wasn’t actually going to go for a check up (because hospitals are terrifying and really, it seemed alright as the day went by). That is, until I threw up in the middle of the night and had a splitting headache.

The next day I got to the medical centre. Apparently it was a mild concussion that seemed to be going away just fine, but the reactions later that day were caused by ‘overstimulation’. I was advised to not read, not look at screens, rest and not do anything that requires concentration. Trust me, doing nothing required utmost concentration and it hurt just as much, if not more. I have had some rest since so things are looking up, thankfully. I’ll be fine –

– so long as I am not reminded about blood clots.