Things that egg me on this Easter

Everything is different this Easter. Because unlike previous years where I have little to nothing to do but plan the summer or wonder when people would be back, I am spending most of the days staring at screens. And not for leisure too.

I have been spending a lot of time in the library, the seemingly liveliest place on campus, working my way through my dissertation. It is going well, in all fairness. My concise schedule of 2,000 words every two weeks helped, along with the massive surge of words that came with slaving away during the final week. I am enjoying my research on Roald Dahl and the Gothic which, given my worry at the start of the year about whether I can sustain my interest and concentration, is more than I can wish for.

Also, my friends have been gravitating towards the library. It’s nice to be surrounded by company. You bump into everyone there.

Then there is the mildly terrifying aspect of finding a job. My aim is to send as many applications as I possibly can over the next few weeks. I’ve set myself a goal and I do intend to stick to them. I’m not going to crack (Pardon the pun. I can’t help myself sometimes).

A mildly terrifying aspect, yes. Yet for some reason, I am feeling a lot …better than I was before. I mean, graduation is still daunting and I’ll miss university life to bits but I feel ready for another adventure. I want to experience an adventure. That’s what it is.

Now I just got to find them Easter eggs.

Note: 3/10/2013

Sometimes it amazes me how it can take this long before the stress kicks in.

It must have been bottled up for a while now, and tonight I’m heading for a burn out. Too many things to think about, too many things to do at once and time is running out. At least I’ll have Sunday to get work done and get a good rest. Weekends work wonders.

It doesn’t help that there is snow outside. Really not the right time to think about journeys to and from the university.

Not when there are decisions to be made. And a thicker skin to grow. Or a harder heart to hold.

I’ll be fine. I’ve just not had time to myself for a while now.