#6 Que Sera, Sera

Written as part of NaPoWriMo Challenge 2013

I didn’t realise it when the song popped into my head two days ago and led me to start writing this but it was Doris Day’s birthday on 3rd April. Coincidence, much? Now since it’s her birthday month (granted had I realised the curiousity of this revelation then, I would have finished this poem first. Still, bear with me…) I thought I’d share my translation of a beautiful song that lived through the years. 


Everything will work out as they should.
Some happen too soon. Some take too long.
A change for the better. A change for good.

I’d rather you not worry. If you could,
I’d rather you sing another happy song.
Everything will work out as they should

For once you’ve crossed the threshold into adulthood,
You’ll find ways to stand out yet belong.
You’ll change for the better. And change for good.

Your hopes and dreams, your love all would
Converge one day and come along.
Everything will work out as they should

And if they don’t take shape just yet, they could
Be trials in life to make you bold and strong:
Changing for the better; changing for good.

If you could see the world from where I’m stood.
You’d trust me when I say nothing will go wrong.
Everything will work out as they should –
I’ve changed for the better. I’ve changed for good.