#11 Her Sweet Elegy

Written as part of NaPoWriMo 2013

A univocalic poem using only the vowel ‘e’. It was a lot of hard work! Hope you like it.


When she went, the sky wept.
The breeze blew by the speckled red,
Drenched by sweet effervescence.
Elsewhere the restless creek bled.
Clergymen blessed her where she slept;
Fresh greens sheltered her velvet bed.

Yet he knew she deserved better.
Swept by her spell, her mystery,
He’d sketch her tender presence,
Preserve her perfect symmetry,
Keep every vehement letter
She’d penned, brewed by her energy.

Regret rendered by the empty
Pledge they’ll never keep.
Never free, he lets verses
Remember her. The rhymes weep
Dewy jewels when they
Endlessly wed whenever they sleep.