First week of internship

Let’s see. I’m halfway through my internship and everything is going great! Most of my duties are administrative but throughout the week I’ve had the chance to whip out the pen, scribble editorial markings on a couple of manuscripts and arrange photographs for the picture section of some books.

It’s a relaxed environment here. Kind of reminds me of when I was working on Concrete sometimes. It’s a good thing. Also the ‘don’t forget lunch’ or ‘don’t stay longer than you are supposed to’ remarks really add to that effect.


The colours of Borough Market

Apart from that, I’ve been meeting people in London. Mostly because my first few days in the big city was like being in a paradoxical place that seemed too loud and quiet at the same time. Plus there are weirdos about (although I suppose they exist everywhere). At least now that I have something to focus on, my mind won’t be allowed to wander off elsewhere.

And London, while it may not have a place in my heart like Norwich, does have its good sides. Earlier today I went to V & A because it was open till late on Fridays; it also felt good to unwind by a paddling pool listening to piano playing of famous old tunes. I also went to Borough Market and St Paul’s for the first time, drop in a random house-viewing and laid under a blanket of blue sky on St James Park. It’s the magic of distraction.


Afternoon Tea at Bea’s of Bloomsbury, St Paul’s

I’m looking forward to the coming weeks though. Wish me luck!

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