Train to unchanging lands. Maybe.

It was unusually busy at the train station today. Took a while for the queues to move but at least I am on my way.

This week I started my internship at SAGE. It’s very different from the other ones I undertook, primarily because it has a large London headquarters, with rows of cubicles spanning two floors, atmospheric with computer keyboard monotones that tap, tap, tap away. Sometimes I pretend they are the chirps of electronic birds in a jungle.

I have also been tasked with assignments that I have not done before, such as looking for potential book reviewers and helping to prepare reports. I daresay, with a heave of relief, that the people I have encountered during my internship (and indeed, internships) have been very friendly and helpful. Something I am incredibly pleased has not changed.

This weekend is UEA’s 50th anniversary celebration (it started the same year as Doctor Who first aired; what a coincidence). It will be the first time since I left for London that I would be back there. It makes me feel warm inside just knowing that a lot of people will be there as if no one left. And it makes me feel nervous too.

I don’t know why I should feel nervous. Maybe because it’s nice to think that Norwich will be unchanging, wrapped in memories of good times. Going back will only help determine whether it has. But that’s the thing, isn’t it? Everything changes. And people did leave. But I will rock myself back and forth while this train snakes down the tracks from London Liverpool Street and whisks me away to that idyllic place.

Gone is the grey city and smog. Green pastures and cobblestone and concrete walls await.

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