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I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can improve my craft, which was why I decided to focus my attention on my new project – Set in Stories.


Set in Stories is a travel and lifestyle website that rediscovers the world through stories – from literature, history, culture, film, music, fantasy and everything in between. My hope is that this will inspire you to become excited by all that this weird and wonderful world has to offer.

I’m also travelling across Europe for about 3 months this summer, so you can also expect some travel pieces as I make my way to the great unknown. Got an idea for my summer adventure list? Let me know here. 

Thank you for your support at Teller Of Her Tales, and do follow me on Set in Stories for the next chapter and new adventures.

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98 of 100 Happy Days: Potong Ice Cream

Potong Ice Cream, or ‘Aiskrim Potong’, is a traditional local snack. ‘Potong’ means ‘cut’ in Malay, so they are literally blocks of cut ice cream. They usually come in flavours such as red bean, sweet corn, durian, yam and cendol, with a creamy texture from coconut milk.

Potong Ice Cream is one of my parents’ more popular childhood snacks, but my generation love them too. My cousins and I used to have them when we wanted inexpensive, yummy ice cream.

Not everywhere sells these anymore, so it’s always a joy to have find them and slurp on some sweet, icy nostalgia.