57 of 100 Happy Days: Avril Lavigne Live Tour

Chancing upon the event online, Mei Shan and I decided to go for Avril Lavigne’s Live Tour at Stadium Merdeka.


Apart from the nonexistent crowd control, the performance itself was incredible. She delivers well live, and her range of old and new songs that night made it all the better.

There were the oldschool hits such as Complicated, S8ter Boy as well as the newer Here’s to Never Growing Up, (Made twice as exciting as I noticed that Radiohead’s Creep was playing in the background while we were waiting – I thought that was very clever), What the Hell , Hush Hush (named her personal favourite of the later tracks) and more. It ended with I’m With You.

Needless to say, I’ll be listening to quite a few of her hits on repeat now.

Edited: Headline changed from 56 to 57 of 100 Happy Days as it should be.