72 of 100 Happy Days: Hand in My Pocket

What I like about music is that when the right one comes on at just the right time, it’s almost like a conversation. It speaks to a part of your heart and sticks to it ever so naturally.


I have been pretty down recently, admittedly. Work has been piling up and I’ve gone from leaving the office late to bringing some back. Oh, and all the worries and frustrations!

Then the song came on as I drove home. Alannis Morissette’s Hand In My Pocket. A manifestation of that feeling of uncertainty, and the answer. I burst out laughing at the line ‘I’m brave but I’m chickenshit’ as it was hilariously apt.

If you haven’t heard it before, give it a go. It’s great.

58 of 100 Happy Days: Karaoke

We’ve all had our moments singing into any homemade mic in our hands. Of course, sometimes it’s nice to actually have a mic. Hence, karaoke.


Karaoke is a popular pastime in Malaysia – the industry thrives well here. Most karaoke parlours have their own promotional packages, private rooms complete with a designated time slot, meal set, free drinks and tidbits. Some even have buffet tables, but don’t mind us, food drives businesses here, you see.

Not to mention, given the number of languages used within Malaysia plus the international fads that come by ever so often, you can pick a huge range of songs in English, Malay, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Japanese etc.

With the right company, it can get your blood pumping or your mind relaxed. Either way, it makes a good stress-reliever!

40 of 100 Happy Days: To start off


I have been getting home at unfortunate hours. I seldom see evening anymore. There might be some balance at some point,  perhaps. And then again. Tis advertising.

I suspect I will be getting towards a mini reading spree soon. And to start that off I have The White Queen, by Philippa Gregory.

38 of 100 Happy Days: The Little Cousin

It’s the little one’s first month celebration. As far as traditions go, it is when the family sends out special boxes containing food,  including lucky red eggs, to those close to them or have given them ang pows after the birth.


He makes me smile through that photo of him winking. Even more so since this evening when he kept looking at me with those doe eyes meaning I was nowhere close to upsetting him.

Now if he would just not grow so quickly….

29 of 100 Happy Days: Everybody wants to be a cat

I like it when the cat curls up on the couch beside me. She is so small for a 6-year-old, it’s as though I have slightly larger kitten. Come to think about it, all our previous pets were toy-sized.


It’s great for us. Not so much for them. Especially not this one. Although she gets annoyed with all the affection,  it calms me. It’s like having someone who would not judge you no matter what. Same goes for dogs. I don’t mind both.

Cheery End of the Year So Far

Not having good news to share makes for sparse and depressing reads. But I’m glad to say that the past month has been eventful, to say the least.


First thing’s first. I got a job offer as a copywriter for an advertising firm a couple of days back. Here’s to a headfirst dive into the new, exciting and terrifying world of bread-winning. I start next week!

I’ve also been helping out at a soup kitchen several times so far. The volunteers would hand out food and drinks to the less unfortunate living on the streets of KL. It’s  been really insightful and I see myself continuing. I’ll save the story for another time.

Then there’s the Big Bad Wolf Sale – the biggest book sale in Malaysia (and supposedly the world) selling 3 million books with 75% – 95% worth of discounts. Most books were RM8 ($2.48/ £1.51*), which is brilliant if you think about it. Without going too wild, I got about 15 books to start off my 2014 reading.

Speaking of books, we have a book tree this Christmas season.

The end of the year is looking cheery now!

*Conversion correct at time of posting