55 of 100 Happy Days: Productivity

Maintained a steady pace at work, got home in time for dinner, prepped some articles for the upcoming launch of a website, and read a chapter of The Red Queen.


More on the website very soon. Keep your eyes peeled.

44 of 100 Happy Days: Finished an article and survived KL

There are two things I am happy about. Firstly, I’ve completed my article for the website I’m launching with five friends, Abstract Magazine.  

Speaking of that, we’re looking for contributors. Do take a look here for more information, and get in touch if it takes your fancy. Once Abstract is up and running, I’ll let you know.


Secondly,  I got lost but managed to navigate myself in the traffic laden labyrinth that is KL. It wasn’t as busy as other days but drivers were still as ruthless as ever. At least I got to my destination on time. As far as driving goes, surviving in the  big city is another level conquered.