88 of 100 Happy Days: Art Friend at The Curve (A Craft Haven)

I decided that it’s time to start scrapbooking. I needed some craft materials but sourcing them is a tough task in itself.

Then I found out about Art Friends in The Curve. Believe it or not, it is the largest art & craft store I have seen in PJ thus far.


The myraid of craft materials would make craft enthusiasts salivate and flit around like a butterfly in Spring.

Some of the things you can get: Sketch books, all sorts of papers, pens including Copico and acid-free, easels, paints and paintbrushes, stamps and ink pads, boxes, stickers, organising containers, mini trees for geographical projects… the list goes on. Can you imagine my joy?


There are a mixture of pricier items and surprisingly affordable ones, something I realise other shops don’t offer.

I got most of what I wanted, but I couldn’t find the Distress Ink Pads I’ve been searching for lately.


In the end the scrapbook I got was about RM35, the 24 patterned cardstock set was RM12 and the acid-free pen was roughly RM6.90.

I say roughly because I became a member (RM10 for 2 years membership) so I did get a discount on everything.

Let the craft mania begin.

20 of 100 Happy Days: Handwritten Letters

Handwritten letters is an art I appreciate wholly. There is a certain vulnerability that comes with it, while the effort shows in every stage taken to deliver the letter to the recipient.

And frankly, I find it easier to express myself through writing and naturally through letters. You won’t hear any stutters or have to watch me organise my thoughts.


So it is always a pleasure to have a moment to prepare letters (and postcards). It is equally so to have a lovely letter set. You’d be surprised how rarely these come by nowadays.

A Glimpse of my Homemade Card Designs

I was looking through some old photos the other day, particularly the ones of my handmade cards. I love craft and making cards. When my siblings and I were younger, our parents encouraged card making in place of buying them. Didn’t matter why. I fell in love with the art.

Stashed somewhere in my room is a bag full of coloured scrap papers, ribbons, double sided tape, stickers, as well as other bits and bobs. There are also craft punchers and funky scissors around the house, which are an absolute joy. My mum used to go mental over my hoarding habits (she probably still does) because I wouldn’t throw my precious scrap papers away in case ‘I might need them’.

Anyway, here’s a collection of cards I designed (wish I can find the others). Family and friends used to suggest I start a business selling homemade cards online. At some point I even thought about it. But time was an issue and I was a little concerned that it might take the fun out of it.

#1 Birthday card for an artistic friend


#2 Farewell and good luck in New Zealand card


#3 Sweet and simple, with rainbow


#4 Wedding card


#5 Father’s Day card


#6 Farewell and good luck in USA card


#7 Mother’s Day card


#8 Inspired by sakura blossoms


#9 Farewell and good luck in Australia card


#10 Farewell card (floral)


#11 One of many rose designs (made the rose myself, mind you)


#12 Mother’s Day card (did not make the butterfly but the rose, definitely)


#13 Brother’s birthday card, inspired by Up


Craft materials are so expensive back home, which was why I did more paper-based designs. Imagine my joy when I discovered affordable craft stores in Norwich. I’m itching to design more cards!

What do you think about my little craft craze? Which design do you like best?