#5 The Child Who Saw

Written as part of NaPoWriMo Challenge 2013

A little different from my other poems so far, but I quite enjoyed writing it on the train yesterday (started it then and finished it this morning). 

This man, I swore,
Was everywhere
But Mama told me
No one was there.

I first saw him
When I was three.
He took a man
Then waved at me.

Appeared again
When I was four.
He took a girl
And left once more.

He never spoke
Though I could tell
The man in dark suit
Knew me well.

At five when Papa
left for war
I swore he showed up
More and more.

Still Mama told me
No one was there
Although I saw him

He did not smile
When doing rounds
He took the lot
On hospital grounds.

At times I thought
The man seemed sad.
Suppose he thought his
Trade too bad?

At six an officer
Came by –
Spoke sombre words.
Made Mama cry.

And I knew what
The man had done,
He’d taken them all
One by one.

And one by one
The man will take.
He made them sleep
And never wake.

So everyday
All through my life,
I knew all moments
Were rare and rife.

And though I saw him
I told my Mama
No one was there.

One day he stole her –
Won’t let me follow.
Left me alone
To soothe my sorrow.

The man would always
Have his way.
My love gave life;
He took away.

I couldn’t blame him.
(Perhaps I should)
I knew he wouldn’t
If he could.

He never touched
My other three.
At least I had
A family.

He visits grew shorter
And no longer grim.
I knew I would wait
Long for him.

He came when I was
Old and wan.
Said ‘Hi’ and we
Left hand in hand.

#1 Intuition

Written as part of NaPoWriMo challenge 2013

I can taste the clouds in rain,
Watch the souls of coffee fly
Smell his cologne in her hair
Hear the betrayal in a sigh.

I can sense when something’s wrong
And be certain I am right.
I am skilled at choosing battles
To be sure I’ll win the fight

At times judgment does fail me
For intuition’s cruel –
When someone is too nice
I become a senseless fool.

Though it proves that I am human,
Fearless yet afraid to fall:
I can know so much of life
And still know nothing at all.