96 of 100 Happy Days: A little more chill

Tonight I curl up with a new book, a tapestry of mystery and a play in form. Precisely the kind that gives me a thrill knowing the rationale for how a certain piece is written.


Jo Nesbo is fantastic. Check him out if you haven’t.

80 of 100 Happy Days: Sunday

Weekends are sacred to me now. It’s really the only time I can plan to meet anyone.


And of course, alone time is crucial. There is nothing quite like coaxing your mind to sleep with a book. Like old times.

60 of 100 Happy Days: Remarkable

I wasn’t so sure about the book at first as it started off a little dry. But it’s starting to pick up the pace. I dare admit it’s growing on me.


I’m beginning to see the significance of the title, Remarkable Creatures, from the unlocking of religious concerns and scientific discourses with the discovery of Jurassic fossils, to the gender politics of the 19th century. Both the fossils and the women who discovered them – remarkable.

Now that I’ve found out that Mary Anning and Elizabeth Philpot are real, historical figures, I’m also kind of looking forward to reading up more about them. After I finish the book.

It’s always a thrill to come across ideas on the whim. Makes me want to write essays. Is that odd?

8 of 100 Happy Days: I get to update my birthday book

With my penchant for making lists, it is hardly a surprise that I would have a book to keep track of birthdays. Sounds old school for a Gen-Y, so I have been told, but it calms me when I don’t have to rely on popping notifications whenever I go online.


It thrills me to finally have another addition – a little cousin. I thought this week would simply be tiring and uninspiring. Now the right songs come on the radio, the roads stay clear, and things feel a tad bit better.

Reviving an Old Project

Life has been going by slowly but I am doing my best to stay positive. In the meantime I have been fulfillingĀ those promises of ‘yea, we should meet up soon’.


I have also rediscovered an old project that I had set aside last year. And a way to revive it. I went to the British Library earlier this week and got myself a Reader’s Pass, which granted me access to the collections at the library.

The procedures to get hold of the books are strict, but that meant copies remain pristine. Before even getting to any room, you must show that you have a Reader’s Pass and that there are only pencils (no pens) and notebooks in a clear plastic bag. The only way to get the books is to place requests on their website at least an hour before collection at the main desks on each floor. There is also no removing books from the building. Everything feels systematic.

There is an avenue of research embedded in the pages. Can’t believe I didn’t think of becoming familiar with the library before. Doing research is exactly what I need to pursue this project.

And with this I’m hoping I’d be another step closer to producing a story of note. Keep Anika Noni Rose’s Almost There on hold for just a little longer.