Don’t Be Afraid of Going Left, and Thoughts on Idealism

Last month I was at Angel Station in London and I came across this signboard with a quote. I later learnt that it’s a daily creative initiative done by the staff at that particular station, and there’s even a website dedicated to it called Thoughts of Angels (I think it is sweet). I wish I’d snapped a photo of the one I saw that day but like everyone else I was caught in that hamster wheel of the city, going down escalators and up again. And down and up again. Anyway, the quote went something like this:

‘Don’t be afraid of going left. Because even when you are left, you are right.’

Aside from the wittiness of it being ‘uniquely Underground’, it’s thought-provoking. Not that I am saying that this rings absolutely true in every case, but when it comes to working for what you want, it’s a lovely little thought to ponder about.

I’ve been talking to friends recently about ideal working environments and lifestyles. It’s really cool – there’s a lot of travelling involved, a yacht with oysters, an apartment in New York, a commissioning editor, an award-winning film maker and more. (Me? I believe I mentioned it in my bio).

Dreams and desires make for fascinating stories; I recommend listening to someone’s story today. And which is why I’m asking you too: If you can have it, no matter how far-fetched it may seem, what is your ideal way of making a living? How would you like to live your life?


Why earn bread when you can earn cake?

So what if it’s not ‘practical’, ‘stable’ or ‘realistic’ – I think it’s always good to consider that sometimes and remind yourself about what you are working for. Perhaps it’ll tell you that you need to hop onto the next stepping stone in order to get there. Idealism, in moderation, is generally healthy for your growth.

Perhaps the next time you are going up and down escalators, you might wonder whether a hamster wheel is where you would like to be. Perhaps ‘staying right’ isn’t the best for you. Perhaps you will finally go left.

PS. My two weeks spent at Kyle Books was great. The publicity work meant that I got to experience what goes on within a different area of publishing. I’d only ever done editorial work before that so it was interesting to see how important it is to get the hype of the books out there by liaising with external publications. In the meantime, I’m doing my best to stay afloat in this never-subsiding pool of job seekers.

#6 Que Sera, Sera

Written as part of NaPoWriMo Challenge 2013

I didn’t realise it when the song popped into my head two days ago and led me to start writing this but it was Doris Day’s birthday on 3rd April. Coincidence, much? Now since it’s her birthday month (granted had I realised the curiousity of this revelation then, I would have finished this poem first. Still, bear with me…) I thought I’d share my translation of a beautiful song that lived through the years. 


Everything will work out as they should.
Some happen too soon. Some take too long.
A change for the better. A change for good.

I’d rather you not worry. If you could,
I’d rather you sing another happy song.
Everything will work out as they should

For once you’ve crossed the threshold into adulthood,
You’ll find ways to stand out yet belong.
You’ll change for the better. And change for good.

Your hopes and dreams, your love all would
Converge one day and come along.
Everything will work out as they should

And if they don’t take shape just yet, they could
Be trials in life to make you bold and strong:
Changing for the better; changing for good.

If you could see the world from where I’m stood.
You’d trust me when I say nothing will go wrong.
Everything will work out as they should –
I’ve changed for the better. I’ve changed for good.

#3 Sonnet for the boy inside

Written as part of NaPoWriMo Challenge 2013

One day he is an astronaut in space,
The next he is a Lost Boy fighting Hook;
He gorges tea while in a Caucus-race
And sometimes is a cop. Or is a crook.
The mermaids teach him songs to turn the waves
And Merlin tutors him in tricks and spells.
He lives in castles, labyrinths and caves
And skips through time to where his spirit dwells.
Then as he hollers ‘cross the fuchsia skies
Another breaks the musings of the lad:
Our hero wakes once more to infant cries
And morphs back into Husband, Son and Dad.
By day he plays the parts he swore to keep
And lives a thousand lives when wrapped in sleep.

#2 The Gilded Cage

Written as part of NaPoWriMo Challenge 2013

Forest View in Füssen

I can feed on every dream I dream each day,
Convince myself they taste like buttered bread
But I want to run away, to run away.

As I turn into a cog in a machine I pray
That when night comes my creaks and squeaks will fade.
I can feed on every dream I dream each day

And be glad for all my joys – and perks to stay
Within the boundaries of comfort life has made
But I want to run away, to run away

To worlds my youth once planned to see, to have my way
And need not even care of what I’m paid.
I can feed on every dream I dream each day.

Oh I know it’s such a silly thing to say
For they tell me I have many years ahead
Still I want to run away, to run away.

I’ve dreamt for far too long so if I may
Remove the shadow shackles and this dread –
I can feed on every dream I dream each day
Now I want to run away, to run away.