95 of 100 Happy Days: Food, Performance, Charity

Went to a charity fair with a few fellow high school comrades. I believe it’s time to meet the entire gang.


Soon enough.

31 of 100 Happy Days: Missing College Friends

Most people tend to say they have friends who are just as mad as they are. It’s a universally shared notion, I believe.


I’m missing my college buddies tonight, but deep down I am sure the next time I meet them it would be like nothing changed anyway. Especially the madness. I think it’s a sort of certainty that keeps you contented and at peace.

If you have found that, do know you’re truly lucky. Stay in touch today.

The One with the Last Minute Hurrah

More often than not, a dry spell on my blog means there’s prolonged anxiety and/or general annoyance to be dealt with. I’m glad to say that this week has started becoming a lot better. And with that I find no reason to delete this post and/or slam my head upon the desk.

It was by chance earlier this week that I was informed by the lovely Lucy about a last-minute opening for work experience at a publishing house. I leaped at it like a stage diver at a concert and thankfully did not hit the pavement. It went through successfully and I started the following day. While there was the matter of adapting to a new environment it has been good so far. Most of the tasks were different from what I did previously – there is more publicity work such as dealing with image requests and press clippings, but there was a range of things to do. One of them involves getting hunger pangs while proofreading recipes. And learning how to make poached eggs while I am at it.

I’m also looking forward to the coming weekends. There’ll be many familiar faces around who will probably remind me of why my sanity is intact. Well, no, really there are many people I miss to bits. And if sending random messages and spontaneous sound clips like a cat who has dragged in some poor animal as a peacekeeping gift isn’t an obvious sign, I don’t know what is.

Since there’s no better analogy to describe this, I’ll just go ahead and say that this week I feel as though I am crowd surfing. Thanks to brilliantly supportive people. And if I reach the end only to fall off I suppose I can be content with how fun it was.

Curing Fever with ‘Friends’

I got a fever recently. Bubbled throughout the day and finally hit the jackpot at night. This is more weird than it is annoying, because I’ve not gotten one in a while. That’s good, I know – I’m not complaining. It  just strangely reminded me of when I was much younger. A twisted bit of nostalgia, if you may.

You see, I tended to be on the sickly side as a child. My grandfather used to worry and made countless trips to the clinic. My parents always had the right prescriptions in the fridge. My grandmother took  a more traditional approach; she would boil an egg, stick a coin into it, wrap it in a handkerchief and rub it over my forehead, stomach and back. Apparently, it gets rid of ‘heatiness’. Some people say that after the treatment, the yolk or the coin would change in colour to show that certain toxins have been removed, although I cannot say that I’ve ever seen that. I just enjoyed the comfort.  I’d get better as well but I could never tell which did the trick.

What I am sure of are these: I’m not a fan of medicines, hospitals are scary (oh yes, I’ve been hospitalised once), skipping school or anything else is not an option (for me, at least), and prolonged self-pity doesn’t do anything to help.

Eventually, feverish spells would only warrant a ‘there it goes again’ from me. Many occasions still remain unaccounted for because I didn’t fancy a paracetemol. I had a different kind of remedy growing up, which was how I chose to cure myself last night.

I had a lovely warm bath, wrapped myself up in a thin blanket to keep my shivers to a minimum without becoming too warm, kept my forehead cool with a wet towel (as you do), and watched ‘Friends’. I have many memories watching ‘Friends’ in a queasy state. I don’t know how – it could be the sporadic laughter it induces – but I always felt much better the following day. Last night was probably also aided by the fact that I had the longest sleep I’ve had in ages.


Original image found here.

In any case, it doesn’t happen as often anymore. Not only do I feel much better now, I’m thinking of rewatching ‘Friends’ again. Funny way of getting back into a childhood fad.