6 great things about living in the future

I heard that living in the moment is a happier, more exciting way of life. There is less to worry about and fewer burdens.

I on the other hand enjoying planning ahead, even if it is just a weekend spent completely alone at home. I do try to keep an open mind and jump into the pool of randomness too, though for the most part, making last minute plans or catching me off guard will trigger doses of stress.

But living in the future doesn’t just mean you never enjoy yourself or are too rigid. There are pros too! Here’s why:

1. It gives you something to look forward to. Bad days melt away a little faster knowing that a good one is coming.

2. It is a way of accessing the world of infinite possibilities. Say when you’re deciding how far you’ll travel while considering time, budget and interests,    imagining what it would be like can be pretty fun.

3. Even if it means complete satisfaction doesn’t last as long, at least more is in the making. So it’s often only the best time of your life…so far.

4. Call them lists. Call them goals. Either way you’re more focus when it comes to achieving something.

5. You take care to calculate your options and tend to make fewer rash decisions.

6. When done properly and in a healthy way, those who organise the what-ifs and work towards turning them into reality can change the world.

On the side note,  here’s my photo for the day. 32 of 100 Happy Days: A little something planned ahead. And with more to come.