37 of 100 Happy Days: Light


I had some time to think things through, after coming home when there was still light, then out to help out, then back again in complete exhaustion.

It is like putting on a new pair of glasses. And looking at things differently.

So by the time I had the little workers in my overworked brain file away the scattered thoughts, I felt recharged. Just a bit. So all it takes to complete that…is sleep.

#10 Before You Go

Written as part of NaPoWriMo Challenge 2013

If you must take the radiance with you, please
Be kind enough to leave a candle. Don’t
Let the darkness take me when you go.

If this is all you ever want then go
Ahead with all your plans and may it please
Your heart. If this be your desire don’t

Take heed the voice that tells you that you don’t
Have what it takes for I believe you’ll go
Much farther than you think you will. But please –

If I may say my will then…please don’t go.